What We Will Offer

The Hopeful Adoptive Parents Justin Maya

What We Offer Your Baby

We both look forward to the day we welcome a new member to the family. Providing a loving and supportive environment through our family and our close neighborhood community while ensuring growth and opportunity through education is of upmost importance.

We come from a large family with young children and many are a just short drive away. We are diverse and look forward to sharing our traditions, but also to educating your child on their unique cultural background.

We believe in raising your child with Christian values and guidance based on the best interest of your baby. Parenting through love and compassion, while avoiding unnecessary and ineffective consequences, we will ensure a happy and wholesome upbringing.

Blessed with rewarding careers, Maya and I will offer strong and stable financial support and are positioned to provide your baby with the option to further their education through college. We want your child to pursue their dreams and achieve their highest potential.

What We Offer You

We realize you are going through a lot right now and want to provide emotional support and guidance through a social worker prior to and after the placement. Further, we will provide an attorney that would read your documents with you and cover any answers you may have. Finally, if applicable, we can cover expenses as allowed by state law. In Texas, for example, could work through an adoption agency that only helps those that are already matched and not going through a traditional adoption agency should you need financial assistance. 

We also understand the importance of the option of an open adoption. Adoption should be celebrated and embraced. We are 100% open with our daughter about adoption and the unconditional love and selflessness it took to place her into our family. We have a private Facebook page to update her birth mama and have visited with her on several occasions. She has chosen to remain a part of her life and we are happy to offer that to you. 

We are also completely transparent and look forward to building a relationship with you based on trust so that you are able to be completely confident we are the right family for your baby. 

No matter what you choose, our promise to you is that we will raise your baby with unconditional love in a supportive and safe environment.

We welcome you to reach out to us at anytime.