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The Hopeful Adoptive Parents Maya

About Maya

(By Justin)

From day one, I have adored Maya and look forward to every minute we get to spend together. Whether it be a challenging day at work, or a friend going through a tough time, Maya has always lent a shoulder. She always finds ways to make me feel special, starting my day with hand-written notes by the sink or taking care of me when I’m not feeling well. I most admire Maya’s “feeler” qualities; on several occasions I have caught her tearing up and empathizing with television characters whenever something unfortunate occurs. It has come so naturally for Maya to sooth Wren when she was teething, bandaging her skinned knee or making sure Wren receives the warmth and care she needs.

Maya was raised in a loving household and has an extremely strong relationship with her mother. Though very close with her mother, Maya was always a daddy’s girl and remained best friends with him until his passing. Maya was showered with ample care and affection. She was raised with strong morals, respect and care for others and these traits have formed her into the natural caregiver that she is today. Always looking to lead the next cancer walk team or donating her hair to Locks of Love, Maya’s selflessness is constantly on display.

Maya’s perseverance always amazes me. She has her bachelor’s degree in psychology and pursued her dreams to be an elementary school teacher, a job that fits her character nicely; always supporting the children and making sure everyone receives the respect they deserve. Aside from being the perfect fit for this admirable work, teaching has enabled Maya to put motherhood at the forefront with a predictive schedule and ample time off during the summer.

We are also fortunate to have an excited and happily retired grandmother. Maya’s mom is an important part of Wren’s upbringing and will be so for your child. While we are both at work her mother is at home with Wren on the days she isn’t at school.

Lucky for me, Maya is also an amazing cook. Never shy to portray her masterpieces on Instagram, Maya creates recipes inspired by a wide variety of dishes, including her favorite cuisine, sushi! Her dishes look…and are… so delicious that she was invited to compete on a Bobby Flay show on the Cooking Channel.

Maya is also a devoted baseball fan, something she shared growing up with her father. She has also become a passionate football fan over the years, always supporting our team and wearing their colors on game days. Maya is an ideal mother, serving as Wren’s #1 cheerleader and supporting her in all areas. Our friends and family too have realized Maya’s qualities as she is the godmother of two of our nephews, one of our nieces and her best friend’s son. She holds this privilege and honor very serious and makes sure to appropriately spoil them with an occasional visit to Disneyland, the move theaters or an ice cream outing.

The Hopeful Adoptive Parents Justin

About Justin

(By maya)

Justin comes from a large and welcoming family of three older brothers, one little sister, and high school sweetheart parents who have now been married for nearly 50 years. Justin’s incredibly positive nature is inspiring and he is never one to take anything for granted. His determination allowed him to complete his MBA and excel at his job. For this reason, family, friends, and colleagues often go to Justin for advice. I am so proud of Justin for pursuing his dream career and seeing his determination pay off.

Justin is also a natural born leader who is always looking for ways to help out his neighbor. He has served as a student mentor during his MBA program, volunteered by teaching at the Covenant House, slept out on the streets of New York City to raise money for homeless and troubled teenagers and I’ve even seen him rescue a couple from drowning. His positive go-getter personality is a source of motivation.

I certainly admire the qualities Justin brings to our relationship, but it was the early discovery of his natural and joyous presence around children which made my heart pitter-patter; I knew someday he would make a great dad! He loves entertaining Wren by teaching her new games and always has her in fits of belly laughter.

Just as Justin’s dad showed him how to fish and how Justin showed Wren how to fish, Justin will teach your child to fish someday too. He is an incredible teacher and quite the handyman! He has begun teaching me fixer-upper things around the house as he is making our house a home. These are just a few things that he is great at, but there is so much more he is looking forward to sharing with our child someday. These traits helped me realize that this was the man of my dreams, the man I look forward to continuing to build my family with.